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Embrace the fall with November nails

By Isabela Jacobsen

Assistant features editor

Halloween time is officially over, and before we all start going holiday crazy it’s time to sit back and enjoy our last moments of the fall season. Celebrate by buying new nail polishes! Painting my nails always makes me feel festive, so it’s time to put the orange and black nail polishes away and replace them with some fall-inspired colors. Here are some nail polish colors that I’ve been obsessing over this fall.

I admit, I love all things girly, but shopping gives me the biggest headache. I hate spending hours and hours in a store, which is why is dangerous territory for me. Quality nail polishes for around $3? Yes please! My first color is called “Senorita Bonita” from China Glaze. I got this from Amazon and I absolutely love it. It’s dark purple, but very shimmery. Once you actually apply it, the color doesn’t seem so glittery and instead it is a very luminous color. This is a great transition color from October and Halloween to November and Thanksgiving.

The second color can barely be described. It’s the definition of autumn in a nail polish. It looks as if you took all the pretty, colorful leaves and mixed them together with glitter. It has a gold undertone to it. The name is “Ingenue” from Orly. I got this at Marshalls for very cheap. I’ve noticed that it takes a long time for it to chip, so it has definitely become one of my fall favorites. This is a great nail polish for Thanksgiving Day.

Lastly, red is in. No one can resist pretty red nails. Red can be used for all seasons, but I personally define this color as a fall color. Avon’s “Real Red” nail polish color is that bright red color you’ve been searching for. This one is so pretty and bright, without any shimmer! It would look perfect paired with red lips as well.

Bonus: At the end of November, when you’re transitioning to holiday colors but you want to save your green and red for the end of the month, try a pretty silver color. Sephora’s “Justa’ Pinch of Glitter” is a fun silver color that is nothing but sheer. Just three coats of it and you’ll have festive, yet not too Christmas-y, nails for the end of November.

The most important advice when it comes to nails, which I have a very tough time following, is to stay still. I know college keeps us all so busy, constantly moving around to multitask, but when you know you’re going to paint your nails, take your time and let them dry. I use NYC “Quick Dry” to help my nails dry faster because of all the countless times I wasn’t patient.

Can’t wait to see everyone’s pretty nails around campus! There are still plenty of ways to stand out this November with just the right touch.

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