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Dorm Room Dish: Leftover white rice

By Jacob Triebwasser Staff Writer

For this week’s Dorm Room Dish, I’d like to focus on something a lot of us end up tossing out, cooked white rice. With just a few extra ingredients and a couple minutes of work, rice can become a lovely, rich and hearty rice pudding. Here’s what you’ll need:

1.) Leftover cooked white rice

2.) Twice as much milk as rice

3.) 2 eggs per cup of rice (approximately)

4.) Pinch of salt

5.) Sugar, vanilla and spices to taste.

Simply whisk together your milk, eggs and salt until well blended, then add rice and bring to a gentle simmer. When it starts to set, adjust sugar and flavIMAG0093orings until you’re satisfied with it. You can also add raisins or even fresh mint for a little brightness. Other excellent additions include almonds, granola or fresh fruit.

This is a great, quick recipe perfect for those late night study sessions when you need something warm and sweet.


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