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DJ Marv mixes his way to victory: Red Bull Thre3style

By Harrison Knowles Special to The Chronicle

insideBefore we get into the ruckus that was the night of March 8, it is best that I give full disclosure on my activity. I was commissioned by Red Bull to obtain both photo and video of the event. I was paid in full just like everyone else who decided to come out for a good time. The Red Bull Thre3style University took place at a local nightclub, Zachary’s.  The venue was extremely swanky and the strobes gave the entire club a buzz. There were three DJs representing Hofstra University: DJ 9bit, Joey K & Marv Elito.  There are only a few rules to a Red Bull Thre3Style. The judges score based off of the DJs’ track selection, technical skills and creativity. They have two stipulations: first they need to use three styles of music, and second, they can only play for 15 minutes. I have to say that each and every DJ that performed at Zachary’s left the crowd wanting more than the permitted 15 minutes. Each of them played sets that got the crowd moving and highly energized. The fact that the set had to be eclectic seemed to have been challenging at times for some. That’s what makes this competition so unique. It takes DJs that have their own niche and it exposes them to another style and movement that is foreign to their own. All the DJs put on a great performance, making it very difficult for the judges to come up with the winner.  In the end DJ Marv Elito came out with the title.  His ability to mix and match was incomparable and although he played songs across the EDM spectrum there was still complete cohesion in his set. Marv Elito made out with the grand prize of one thousand dollars.  I asked him how it felt to win the competition. He said, “It feels great, man… Nice to get rewarded for what I do…Big up to Joey K and 9Bit for rocking out.” All of these DJs embraced the challenge and exceeded expectations. I had no idea how much raw talent was being cultivated in this vicinity, and it makes a Hofstranaut like myself very proud.  There is no doubt that the future will bring rave reviews about at least one of these DJs.

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