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Deck the dorm-room halls with homemade decorations

By Amanda Valentovic Staff Writer

The end of the semester has quickly advanced upon us, and along with it comes late nights studying, final papers and projects and counting down the days until winter break. What keeps many people cheerful, however, are holiday lights and decorations. provided some easy do-it-yourself holiday decorations to spruce up any dorm room, whether students are celebrating Christmas or just looking to create their own winter wonderland.

1. Indoor Snowstorm

Attach silver and white gift bows to any kind of ribbon or string to make snowflakes. Make enough to create a blizzard, and hang them right alongside the posters and pictures on the walls. Even if there is no snow outside, the homemade flakes will create the illusion of a snow day. For a garland to go along with the snowflakes, cut tin foil into leaf shapes and twist it around wire or string. Spread it around the room for a silver, wintery effect.

2. Yuletide Aroma

Even though students will not be able to put a tree in their room, the scent of one can still be achieved. Scrounge around outside for some pinecones and pine needles, and scatter them around the room to have the evergreen scent swirling around.

3. Candy Dish

Fill a bowl with candy canes, peppermints and other candy and set it on a table. It looks festive, and roommates and friends are sure to enjoy it.

Decorating a dorm room is a great way to de-stress before finals, while also having fun with friends. So crank up the Christmas music, get creative and enjoy the holiday season!

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