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Creating your new spring makeup look

By: Isabela Jacobsen

Staff Writer

The weather is teasing us, and this means it’s time to create a spring look! Hofstra’s starting to look a little brighter now that the sun is out, and I can’t even count how many girls I see starting to wear dresses! It’s pretty exciting and you should have fun creating a new look for a new season.

Start with colors. Stop shopping at the same stores and go take a look at a place besides Forever 21. It’s spring, so go look for change. My new obsession is Loft because they’ve got so many playful colors to match. Instead of keeping things simple, mix it up! Blue and yellow are very in fashion this season. I also recommend going for neon colors to make you look tanner.

Go light on the eyes. Instead of black eyeliner, go for brown. Because it’s lighter, it will look much more natural. Purple mascara is another option for lighter eyes. I know what you are thinking, “purple is supposed to look natural?” Trust me, it’s not that noticeable and it looks super light and fun for the eyes. Especially if you are new to makeup, you might like purple mascara than a regular black one.

For lips, you can go either light or dark. If you want to play it up to contrast the light eyes, try some fun colors like different shades of pink. Go back to lip gloss too! It’s pretty in the summer and will look cute paired with your favorite sunglasses. If you want to stay natural, go for a ChapStick with color. That way it’s not too strong and it’s good for your lips!

Bring back your bronzer because now is a perfect time to give your skin a little sun kissed glow! Also use a good highlighter to give your face a luminous look. I love High Beam by Benefit.

Last but not least, follow in my footsteps and get a haircut! A new you needs a new hairstyle. Get some highlights or new bangs. Have fun, and enjoy the new feeling of spring. If you want to see a spring look or more beauty advice, visit my YouTube channel: honeyeyes494.

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