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Combat boots make a comeback

by Lauren WolfeSpecial to the Chronicle

Are you ready for combat? It looks as if the girls walking around Hofstra’s campus certainly are, as the trending combat boots epidemic has struck the university hard. Girls are flaunting the boots with black leggings, blue jeans, shorts and even skirts. Where did this new fashion buzz come from? Or are these fashionable boots considered old news?

You know what they say everything always comes back into style. Items that were worn in the ’80s and ’90s are coming back into our lives. Combat boots, of course, weren’t originally worn as a fashion statement at all. Footwear in the modern style that we associate with combat boots were given to soldiers as early as the Vietnam War, to help Americans deal with climate and temperature changes while serving, according to veteran-owned company Military Boots Direct. The boots then appeared in style during the ’80s, making the shoes a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Today the military-style shoe is popular at Hofstra. Sophomore Andrea Adolph is just one of many people on campus seen wearing these boots. According to Adolph, she wears them because she enjoys “the rugged look of them,” and

she loves to wear the boots with a cute shirt, skirt and tights. Adolph said that she thinks the boots will stick around for awhile and even if they go out of style, they hold up well through walking in any type of weather.

Andrea Adolph, and many of the fashionistas attending Hofstra University this semester will be rocking the combat boots. A style that was initially meant for soldiers has made a mark on the fashion world once again.

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