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Campus Style: Koro Koroye

Koro KoroyeBy: Nina Vasiljevic

Staff Writer

Name: Koro Koroye

Age: 22

Major: English and Creative Writing

Class Standing: First Year of Grad School

1. How would you describe your style?

When it’s warmer, I wear more brighter colors, but since it’s still a little chilly, I try to layer up. But I don’t do like ugly layering. I try to have like a cute cardigan, my coat, tights, nice boots and nice socks that have like a little print on it. I’m not a girly-girl; I wouldn’t wear like skirts and things like those. I like high-waist jeans, crop tops – a lot of crop tops in my closet. I like strappy sandals, which are really in style right now. Those are like my staples and really what I wear.

2. What’s your style staple?

I got these cute black sandals from Steve Madden, they’re strappy and they’re just great. And they have that minimalistic feel to it that I always wear, every time I’m going out. Good pair of jeans—the easy jean by American Apparel is by far the greatest thing ever invented by them, so I always go for that as well. And I like long tops, cause I’m small, I try to wear heels to make my body look longer. So when I wear long tops, I always make sure I pair them with heels.

3. Where did you get your clothes?

My cardigan is from Urban Outfitters, my coat is from H&M, my tights are from American Apparel, my boots are from H&M and my socks are from H&M as well.

4. Where do you get your inspiration for your outfits?

I follow a lot of tumblrs, a lot of fashion tumblrs. Sometimes, I’m more like a hipster stylish person, you know. So I like to mix different things together. There are a lot of tumblrs that I follow, that I pick few inspirations from.

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