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Best Dressed: Tory Broytman

By Emily KamenSpecial to the Chronicle Tory BroytmanTory

Age: 19 Major: Marketing Freshman

How would you describe your style? I would say chic and polished yet fun and flirty.  I try to make myself stand out in a crowd because I believe that an outfit really says a lot about you. Since its springtime, I love to wear pastels because that color palate definitely matches the weather. What are your style Staples? A great pair of skinny jeans is something every girl should own. Another thing I never leave my room without is my watch; I always have it on because it sophisticates any look. I love jewelry and am always trying to incorporate necklaces or earrings in my outfits. Where do you shop? I love forever 21; its inexpensive yet has great clothing and accessories. Today, I’m wearing a pink dress from Forever 21. It has a high neckline and is sleeveless. I believe that you should pick one part of the body to accentuate with your outfit; too much can get a little too revealing. Where do you get your style inspiration? I’m big on reading magazines and social media. I love flipping though Vogue, Marie Clair and searching on Pintrest. I also get my style from other people. Heidi Klum always has it going on. I like to polish my style like she does.

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