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An international student's first halloween party

By  Koromone Koroye Special to the Chronicle

Four and a half years in America and I had never attended a proper Halloween party until last weekend (I know, I know, but I only went to IHOP for the first time last year; that’s worse.) My friend was throwing a party, and much to my initial dismay, she absolutely insisted everyone dressed up in costumes. I never really understood the giant fuss behind Halloween. I mean I understand it’s for kids and there’s a joy that comes with dressing up and banging on people’s doors asking for candy. I understand the children enjoy being fawned over.

But as a grown woman, I couldn’t really wrap my head around spending time and money buying a complicated outfit just because I want to be a pirate or a Disney princess. And don’t even get me started on all the make up people tend to pile on. I ended up buying oversized Minnie Mouse ears and that was it for my little contribution to the Halloween community. On my arrival to the party the front door was decorated with a rather scary looking carved out pumpkin heads and cobwebs. Of course.

The kitchen table was overflowing with bowls of sweets and chocolate bars; it was a very trick-or-treat friendly environment. There were more decorations in the living room, walls covered in cobwebs and spiders , more pumpkins and the lights were dimmed to make the whole “Halloween scary atmosphere”.  My friend went as Pocahontas and her boyfriend was an Indian chief. There was actually another Minnie Mouse in the house along with  a couple of cat women and someone even had on an Obama mask on. Interesting.

Overall, even though Halloween isn’t a holiday we celebrate or enjoy in Nigeria, I did have fun at the party. And just in case you’re wondering, it wasn’t a giant culture shock for me.

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