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Album Review: MGMT - "MGMT"

By Kaeli Van Cott Special to The Chronicle


MGMT, the duo known for their distinct psychedelic rock sound, released their self-titled album on Sept. 17.

Unlike the catchy songs of their past, like “Time To Pretend” or “Kids”, MGMT sounds more smooth and seems to be sending a deeper meaning through complex lyrics.

The usually trippy-sounding vibes from MGMT sound more droning and played-out this time around.

In most songs on the album, pulsing sounds seemed to cover up the vocals and destroy the actual sounds.

MGMT seems to be trying to put out their opinion on free will and the human mind instead of making their music aesthetically pleasing.

Some songs, like “Your Life is a Lie” and “Plenty of Girls in the Sea” seem to be catchier because of their clarity.

Overall, MGMT is not an album to listen to when driving around with your friends, and is most definitely not something to play at a party.

Instead, add MGMT’s new songs onto your mellow playlist, because it’s not a bad listen while studying or relaxing.

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