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Addictive LUSH products

By Isabela Jacobsen

Staff Writer

If you haven’t heard about how awesome LUSH is, then it’s time to start doing some research. LUSH products are all handmade and natural. Next time you’re having any kind of skin issue, no matter what it is, chances are LUSH has an answer for you. They have so many skin care products to choose from! (Warning: you may get lost in a LUSH store because everything just looks so cool.) I’ve just discovered LUSH this year and I finally started using some products. My roommate and I can’t stop raving about our LUSH purchases, so if you are wondering what you should buy, here are some recommendations.

If you have problems with acne or oily skin, then I recommend the Herbal Cleanser. It looks a little intimidating when you open the container and see all this green chunky texture, but your skin feels so nice after using it. Use it in the shower, when you’ve cleaned off all makeup and grease from your skin. You take only a pinch amount, mix it with a little water and rub it gently onto your face. I like to leave it on for a tiny bit and then rinse. You will definitely feel smoother skin – I use it when my acne is at its worst and needs a good calming down. The cleanser also lasts very long because you really don’t need a lot when using it.

College students are – most of the time – very tired. I know everyone can agree with me on this. If you notice your skin reacting to your everyday routine and you want to give your skin a healthy makeover, then the Brazened Honey face mask can be a good fit for you. What I love about this face mask is that it is so gentle on the skin. It’s a really nice face mask to put life back into your skin if it’s feeling a little dull. It also seems to help any dark spots and it is beneficial against acne as well, but like I said, this face mask is for every type of skin. The general purpose is to give your skin a deep cleansing by eliminating toxins. Another plus is that it smells good.

No matter what type of skin you have, we all have those blemishes once in a while that won’t go away no matter what. Well, LUSH has a great pimple emergency gel. It’s called Grease Lightning and it helps remove those yucky pimples that just seem to grow. You just squirt a small amount on your finger and apply to the pimple area. You will see a difference overnight. Keep using it and the pimple will go away. Next time you have an important date and a pimple pops up unexpectedly, don’t panic. Grease Lightning will be your hero.

LUSH products are made with such care that purchasing a product really gives it a quality other products don’t have. There are very well priced products available, and all the ones mentioned in this article can be purchased online. I’m a big fan of LUSH and I will be reviewing more of their treatments in the future. So if you haven’t gone to LUSH yet, go check it out, and don’t blame me when you want to buy everything in sight!-1

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