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The Student Center has a new hidden gem: Indian food

By Jana KaplanSpecial to the Chronicle

Hofstra has finally fallen into the Bollywood craze, or at least the flavors of it. The Student Center already has a variety of good eats: Asian, Mexican, you name it, but its newest cuisine, Masala India, is attracting much of the student population with its succulent chicken and flavorful sauces. Indian food is known for its spices, and you definitely get the authenticity of Indian cuisine at Masala. Try their Chicken Vindaloo with spinach and potatoes, and you get a taste of India in every bite. Served over a bed of white or yellow rice, the Vindaloo has got a perfect combination of spicy and sweet, and the juicy white meat chicken melts in your mouth. They have a variety of sauces you could choose from, as well as other mouth-watering options, such as fried Samosa, or for vegetarians, the Mattar Paneer. What’s delectable about Indian cuisine is that it is made up of very simple ingredients, yet has flavors that are out of this world. Every bite ensures a variety of flavors, from cumin to cinnamon, to chili and more. The portions are great and the food is greater, so if you’re interested in something new, check out Hofstra’s Masala India located next to Pan Asia in the Student Center.

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