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The Bowling Club: A stroll down the bowling lane

Danielle Denenberg Staff Writer

Two weeks ago, a group of students gathered at the East Meadow bowling alley for the first official event of Hofstra’s new Bowling Club, which was just accepted by SGA as a recognized organization last month after a long period of planning.

The two students who started the club, and who are now the president and vice president, formulated the idea after taking Hofstra’s bowling course, PESP 007B. After having learned a lot in the course, already sharing a passion for the sport, and discovering that the University did not already have a bowling club, they took it upon themselves to create one.

The Bowling Club meets at the California Pizza Kitchen in the Student Center on Wednesday nights at 9:00 p.m. There is a set of students who have volunteered to be the “club drivers,” who provide transport to the East Meadow bowling alley. The games are non-competitive, and the number of games played is spontaneous, depending on the opinions of the club members. Students pay $10 per night for both the games and shoes.

Bowling club members do not have to be skilled in the sport; they do not even have to have prior experience in playing it. The club founders say that the purpose of the club is for a group of students to get together in order to meet new people while engaging in something fun. The president, a commuter, said that throughout her first year at Hofstra she struggled socially and was not sure where to go to make friends. She hopes that all current and potential members, whether in their first year or not, can make new friends from participating in the bowling club.

Prior to the meeting at the bowling alley, the club met outside the Services for Students with Disabilities offices in Roosevelt Hall to discuss the basics of their nights on the lanes. Adam Halpern, one of the SSD advisers, overheard the meeting and knew a few students gathered there. He supported the club as it grew, and believes that is it becoming a success.

“I think it’s great for students to get together to take part in something positive,” Halpern said. The Bowling Club is still looking for new members. Whether you’re a bowler or just looking for something exciting to do on a dull Wednesday night, grab some friends and join the Bowling Club!

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