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Teacher evaluations now online

By Cody Heintz

With class registrations underway, students can now glance at teacher evaluations from past years to help them decide on their future courses.

 The teacher evaluations, or CTRs, became available March 5, hours after undergraduate seniors could begin registering for classes. To view the evaluations, students can sign into the portal, and review evaluations from as far back as the 2004 fall semester.

According to Senior Vice Provost Liora Schmelkin, the evaluations only go back to 2004 because "it was around that time that the process changed in terms of generating electronic files that could then be easily converted to a format that could be put online."

"We are very pleased that we are able to make this information easily accessible to the Hofstra community and we anticipate that this will be a useful resource," said Schmelkin.

The University has been working on getting evaluations online for a few years. The main reason for putting the CTRs online was that it would make accessing the information much easier for both faculty and students. A majority of the work is credited to the Provost office with the help of the computer center.  

Sophomore biology major Tyler Elam likes that these evaluations have been made available to students.

 "It takes the hassle out of blindly guessing which teacher you want to take," said Elam.

The results of the CTRs were always public, kept as hard copies in the library for anyone to view. However, this practice might be stopped in the future as a way to save paper.

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