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Suspended basketball students post bail, plead not guilty

By Maggie Urban-WaalaStaff Writer

After the recent arrests of four Hofstra basketball players, the team has been recovering from the players’ alleged felonies.

Taran Buie, sophomore guard on the men’s basketball team, looked towards moving forward after the team’s recent loss against LIU-Brooklyn.

"We don't have any room to be taking any negatives with us. Obviously, we've got some guys off the team now, so we're just trying to find ways to win games,'' Buie told Newsday.

Sophomore Shaquille Stokes and freshmen Jimmy Hall, Kentrell Washington and Dallas Anglin were arrested Nov. 29 on counts of burglary and theft.

While on trial at the Nassau County Supreme Court, Stokes's lawyer Frank Whelan appealed to the judge to let the basketball player go on his own recognizance, citing Stokes's "community ties" and "status as a scholarship athlete."

The judge rejected the request and Stokes was held in lieu of $25,000 bail on five counts of felony burglary.

Washington’s lawyer stated, "[We] will fight these charges because this will have an effect on Kentrell's scholarship status."

All four players pleaded not guilty at their arraignment. However, all of them have been bailed out.

Hall was the last of the four players to be bailed out of jail last Monday on a $20,000 bond.

The value of the stolen items is currently estimated at around $10,000, although according to Nassau County Police Detective Lieutenant Raymond Coté, the total will far exceed that amount. Police will not know for sure until it is certain of which students were burglarized.

Men’s basketball coach Mo Cassara is focused on strengthening his team.

“Our guys are resilient,” Cassara said on the current status of the team.

Cassara also mentioned that the team had two walk-ons and will look to add players to make practices more competitive.

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