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Students skip over CTRs when scheduling for classes

By Jesse Bade

A week before juniors began registering for classes, the University made teacher evaluations, commonly known as CTRs, electronically available to students after requests from SGA and University Senate.

"Moving them to an online format retains the public aspect of the CTRs," said Liora Schmelkin, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies. "But more importantly [it] makes the information much more readily available to a wider audience, and also makes it more easily searchable and accessible."

Although the CTRs can now be conveniently accessed to students, Anthony Dardis, a professor in the Philosophy department, says the evaluations should not act as the sole factor when they determine which professor or class to take.  

"A student may pick a class because the evaluations are wildly enthusiastic, and then find out that she just isn't learning anything," said Dardis. "Or a student might discover that some professor is really great, even though evaluations seem to suggest otherwise."

Jessica Yacono, a student at the University did not bother looking at the CTRs when it came to registration.

 "I didn't use it. I just picked the classes I needed to graduate," said Yacono. "I don't really care who the professor is as long as the class is interesting."

Meanwhile, student Brittni Hicks used a more mainstream site to look for evaluations on professors.

"I usually make my schedule and then look up my professors on," said Hicks. "I actually didn't even know I could look up CTRs."

However, David Zuniga, president of SGA likes that this transparency between students and faculty.

"I have heard that a lot of students are using it and I applaud the university for doing it," said Zuniga.

Overheard at Hofstra

Overheard at Hofstra