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Students get antsy during winter break

By Chelsea Royal

As I walked out of my last final this December, I could not wait for my parents to pick me up so that my long anticipated winter break could begin. I had been counting down the days until the winter holidays and the long period of relaxation.

My family and friends, could not believe that my spring semester would not commence until late January. I was more than happy to rub in my friends' faces that I had an extra couple of weeks before getting back to the books, tests, essays, and sleepless nights.

As time passed, though, and my friends from home returned to their respective college campuses, I grew restless. Everyone had gone back to school and my family was busy with work and school. I was really beginning to miss being back at Hofstra, classes included. Although I found myself doing chores around the house and helping my family when I could, I still felt useless. Now, I was counting down the days until I returned to campus. Was Hofstra's winter break too long?

After Thanksgiving break, students faced a hectic three week period. Class, final review, then finals. By the time the third week rolls around, most students can't wait for a long break.  However, by the third week of winter break, when friends from home leave for school and the holidays are over, most students are anxious to come back.

If Hofstra were to shorten this winter break, then not only would students avoid suffering from boredom, but they would complete the spring semester earlier as well.

Many other colleges have their spring breaks in March and end in the first week of May. Typically, Hofstra's spring break is mid-April, around Easter Sunday, and finals are held towards the end of May. While I enjoy being home for the Easter holiday and not having to rush back to school for class on the next morning, my friends were already back at school.

I really do enjoy being on Hofstra's campus. But I think it would benefit both students and faculty if the winter and spring breaks were arranged a little differently.  Winter break should be shortened by at least a week. The amount of time that students are away from academics puts them at a disadvantage when they return to campus and it takes more time to adjust to student life.  


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