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Student debate goers play the waiting game outside HofUSA

By Katie Webb Editorial Editor

A long, winding line of students outside HofUSA are waiting for their security check, the first step toward entering the University's historic, second presidential debate. From afar the students appear to be waiting quietly, but from up close they seem overwhelmed.

“I was screaming and running around! I was really, really excited,” said Alyssa Britton, biology major, of when she first got the ticket. “I’ve been tweeting about it like crazy and facebook[ing] and texting everyone!”

“It’s a great honor to be chosen by Hofstra even thought it was a raffle, but it’s really awesome,” said Eric Ziwak, a television production major. “My whole suite and roommate have been really jealous of me but, you know, what can you do?”

Not only are the ticket winners' friends jealous, but some have envious family across the globe.

“I’m an international student so being here is absolutely incredible,” said Li Wang, accounting major from Hungary. “I totally forgot to tell my parents the debate is going to be here.  So when I did tell them they were super psyched.”

Other students had parents and friends assist them when they found out last minute they were selected to attend.

“I totally ignored the email and freaked out even though it told me to calm down.  I found out at 11:40  last night in the middle of doing homework, it was a total wake up call.  I couldn’t sleep at all last night,” Joe Moncada, Spanish and secondary education major. “I had to call my mom at 1:30 in the morning and say ‘please mom bring me a suit tomorrow!’ cause I was totally unprepared.  Thank goodness for mom coming through in the clutch.”

Others had minor dilemmas over what to wear to the debate as well. Sarah Realbuto and Chris Sandoral, political science and television majors respectively, spoke of the importance of being involved and making the vote count.  They also had to double check with their roommates if their clothes were debate appropriate and even went out to buy a new blazer and dress.

Though most students stood in line still partially shocked, others had inklings they would get picked.

“Ever since I found out that [the debate] was at Hofstra, I’ve been hoping that I would get picked and I just I don’t know I had a feeling I would be chosen,” said Dani Marocco, psychology major.

The students must wait for several hours of security checks before the main event, but most of them are not phased.

“Right now it’s just pure anticipation,” said David Folcarelli, economics and public relations major. “I just can’t wait to get in there… the next five hours are going to be really long I’m sure, but…” when asked if it was worth the monotonous wait he answered with a resounding, “absolutely!”

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