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Striving for ethics

The letter "Chronicle Editorial"

To our readers,

Like any publication, collegiate or professional, writers and staff members expose themselves to scrutiny. At The Hofstra Chronicle, we welcome suggestions and criticism. We are the voice of the students and we appreciate those who find such passion in University affairs.

In regards to our article “Trouble for a capellas-constitutions ruled out,” we possess an affinity to these three a cappella clubs, The Hofbeats, The Dutchmen and Makin’ Treble. We know what it is like to pull all-nighters for a cause meaningful to us (we do this almost every week), and unite as a group with a common goal. We understand how difficult it is to navigate SGA legislations, and to find contentment in budgets that might not have met our expectations. But while we can relate to them on this level, we understand our obligation as a student publication to report without subjectivity.

As a student newspaper, we wish that our readers understand that our articles have a timestamp. While you may hear a new detail in a breaking story like this one that we may have failed to report, the fault should not be automatically put on us.

For anyone, especially a group of students, it is difficult to receive criticism. However, if it is justified, then it is something we as an organization need to address. Saying that a student’s reporting is riddled with “inaccuracies and misinformation,” due to what they were told by subjects within a situation is uncalled for.

Ethics are a very serious subject and when they are called into question it is our right to defend ourselves. For this particular article, two staff members kept in touch with the reporter as she tried to contact all sides in less than 12 hours. Another two questioned her on the context of her quotes and on who failed to contact her before deadline. Breaking news is a team effort, so being accused of incorrect reporting is unjustifiable, especially when in fact we were supplied with incorrect information or no returned response.

Granted, we are prone to mistakes, everyone is. That’s the wonderful thing about college; it provides a real-life setting with the opportunity to learn from wrongdoings.

Though some think we may not be a professional publication, we will not partake in games of “he said, she said.” We participate in wholesome, ethical journalism and will not have it compromised due to the stubbornness of others. Through our reporting we attempt to provide the truth and sift our way through the ignorance. This is not to change a stance or to attack anyone. This is to show you, the reader, where we stand, what we do, and what it takes to bring you the truth.

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