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Sororities and Fraternities like Second Family

By Myron Mathis, Columnist

That time of year has arrived again, spring semester; and a good number of eligible underclassmen are joining fraternities and sororities. But some people ask, "What's the big deal with Greek life?" Critics are quick to downplay their value and deem them cult-like and unnecessary; they cringe at the thought of commitment and security.                                                               However, a fraternity is so much more than what the critics would have one believe. Fraternities and Sororities foster a brotherly/sisterly bond mirroring that which one experiences with their blood siblings. Building strong, well-rounded characters and participating in philanthropic endeavors are part of fraternities' M.O. Moreover, for those who struggle with the vicissitudes of college life, fraternities and sororities provide that sibling-like bond one has always yearned for or left back home.                   Bonds are shared not only with current members of a particular fraternity or sorority but with the alumni of that organization and all future members as well.

It is quintessential that those who are pursuing a greater meaning and purpose should join a fraternity or sorority .                           Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. famously beseeched, "I have a dream that one day, my four children will be judged based on the content of their character, and not the color of their skin." The word "character" conveys a phenomenon so profound and complex that our society needs dozens of fraternities and sororities to try to adequately promote it.

Among the teachings bestowed upon those new to fraternities and sororities are: loyalty, integrity, philanthropy, scholarship and work ethic. Hofstra University boasts many great fraternities, including Alpha Phi Alpha, Delta Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Mu, Tau Epsilon Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, etc. Some of our sororities are: Alpha Omega Beta, Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma, Phi Iota Alpha, Phi Sigma Sigma, and more.

If nothing else, being around your "brothers" or "sisters" can be an escape from the rigors of college life. Having three siblings back home I fully understand what it is like to have such strong brother-to-brother and brother-to-sister bonds for almost two decades and then to have to leave that behind in pursuit of a better me. Usually in the game of life, one door undoubtedly opens and another closes. Anything can be achieved with or without support from others but the latter expedites success and most often yields a product in its purest form.


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