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Sigma'capella and company show their stuff

By Ohad Amram, Staff Writer

When was the last time, outside of freshmen year, that you found yourself interested in going to the Netherlands Café for anything besides the occasional Subway sandwich? Well, now you have a reason to. Hofstra Concerts sponsors a "Coffeehouse" event every Thursday from 8 p.m. - 10 p.m. Usually the acts that are scheduled are either Hofstra students themselves or local Long Island acts that wish to promote their music to the University. Last Thursday, Hofstra University's very own Sigma'capella choir sang a four-song set that consisted of covers including Coldplay's "Fix You" and the Temper Trap's "Sweet Disposition."

Sigma'capella has performed many times for Hofstra's coffeehouse. The group remained diligent in their sound and maintained charisma throughout their entire performance. The beatboxer for the group, who performed alongside the 20 or so students, is fortunate enough to have been selected to walk the red carpet this year.  Some may be familiar with this on campus singing group due to graduate Erin Willet, who took great pride in performing with this act last year as well as performing in countless coffeehouses on her own last year.

Another performer from this past Coffeehouse includes junior Ryan Sonnott, who participates in many coffeehouses jams as he is an active member of Hofstra concerts. "Coffeehouse is a great way for people who enjoy playing music to perform for other Hofstra Students," said Sonnott post-performance as he prepared for his final act. "It's also a great way to see local acts for free."

Thursday's final performance at the Coffeehouse consisted of former members of local broken bands of Hofstra's campus residents. They currently remain nameless. The group was an instrumental trio that played songs which took the likings of such bands including the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Phish.

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