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SGA rearranges offices to accomodate 40 clubs

SGA reached a decision Tuesday night concerning the relocation of 40 club offices after over two hours of debate and deliberation. The new plan takes into account both the original layout created by the Club Relations committee and the joint proposal from theHofstra Chronicle and Nexus Yearbook. Both publications will be sharing a space in the Chronicle’s current office.

Future SGA president Tevon Hyman is pleased with the consensus.

“We really made some change,” he said. “It’s a good change. And like other change, it’s not easy. It’s the first time this ever happened. It will benefit everybody, not just a few.”

Current SGA president David Zuniga did not respond to contact.

Ben Schaefer, SGA Rules Committee chair, is satisfied with the decision as well.

“It creates a better plan for the offices next year and gets us [SGA] to look back at the decisions we made,” said Schaefer.

New club offices will be confirmed through email by Friday, Hyman said. The plan will be enforced in Fall 2012.

The new plan pleased clubs which were initially upset with the SGA’s plan for moving offices. Editor-in-chief of the Chronicle, Max Sass, is thrilled with the publication’s merge with Nexus next year.

“Working with Nexus is going to be a great opportunity,” said Sass. “Sharing when you haven’t shared an office for 75 years is a change, and I think we’re going to do a good job at making it work.”

Jess Lewis, managing Editor of the Chronicle, agrees with the new partnership.

“I was impressed with [SGA’s] decision,” she said. “Both [Chronicle and Nexus] share the same photography equipment, same computers, and a lot of photographers are at the same events. I think that this will encourage both [clubs] to work together.”

Julia Chappell and Megan Markle will be co-editors-in-chief of Nexus Yearbook next year.

“We’re really happy with the way it turned out,” Chappell said. “Working with the Chronicle is going to be a beneficial relationship. We’ll be able to share the same media photos, which will be really helpful.”

Markle also thinks the partnership will come with benefits.

“It’ll make it more efficient. There will be more connections and help on different projects. And more room,” said Markle.

The Newman Club will receive an office next year and share it with the National Student Speech Hearing Language Association. Danielle Natorski, current Networking chair and future president, is happy to have an office for next school year.

“We’re grateful for the work and planning that SGA, the Chronicle and Nexus put into this,” she said.

Club Relations chair Lisa Guarrieri promised to compromise with the club members in disagreement with her committee’s previous proposal.

“I guess I learned that no one is perfect,” she said. “As much as you try to make everyone happy, not everyone will be. But you have to do it.”

Guarrieri, as well as other club leaders, took away a lesson in handling large conflict by working together.

“I told the clubs yesterday that I apologize for the confusion. No SGA is perfect,” she said. “I thank the clubs for their patience and cooperation. We’re all adults and we came to a professional conclusion,” said Guarrieri.

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