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Residents comfortable with co-ed suites

By Amala Nath

Students with different backgrounds appear to express few hesitations about the new co-ed suites in Colonial Square.   

With housing applications beginning this week, upperclassmen students will now have the option to live in co-ed suites in Norwich House of Colonial Square. Both sexes will be able to live in the same suite, with two male roommates in one room, two female residents in the next, and all four sharing the same bathroom.

The housing option gives some students with strong religious beliefs uncomfortable.

Cynthia Uzoukwu, a freshman who currently lives in Colonial Square, comes from a Catholic background. With a strong faith in her religion, she disagrees with the idea of having the opposite sex in a single living space together.

"Someone wanting to uphold the morals of Christianity, depending on how strong their faith is, should abstain from the temptations that come with co-ed dorming," said Uzoukwu.

Students and representatives of different religions are largely accepting of co-ed suites, so long as there is mutual respect among the suitemates.

Rabbi Dave Siegel says the co-ed suites should be made available as long as no one is forced into the situation.

"It's all a voluntary choice. As long as they're respectful to one another there shouldn't be a problem," Siegel said.

Ani Ferlise, a University student who does not follow any organized religion, also agrees with Siegel. So long as the roommates mutually respect each other, co-ed dorming should not be a major issue, she said.

Courtney Cyr, a senior who was raised Protestant, praises the decision for co-ed housing.

"It really shows how much our campus is evolving and making efforts to make everyone comfortable," Cyr said.

Nico Quarantino, a freshman and member of the University's LGBT community, also agrees, noting that the co-ed suites express the campus' tolerance for students of all sexual orientations.

"I have the option of living with my boyfriend," Quarantino said. "Why shouldn't straight people have the same option of living with their boyfriends and girlfriends?"

Residential room selection spans from March 8-April 3.

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