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Questions of security after lewd library incident

By Ronnie O'Leary, Columnist

 Last week's incident in the library has everyone concernedabout security since the person had previously been banned from Hofstra. I went to Public Safety to find out how they ensure that no one banned from campus returned. Karen O'Callaghan from Public Safety stated that while there are places where Public Safety checks IDs, Hofstra is an open campus during the day. Since this person's last offense was in 2000, the staff could have changed, making him unrecognizable to some. I do not feel that this incident should create a need for tighter security, and O'Callaghan agrees. "These incidents are very rare, and Public Safety officers often walk through the facilities." Personally, I believe the campus is reasonably secure. There are many blue light boxes throughout campus, and Public safety is very responsive. If I need to get somewhere and I call Public Safety, they arrive in only a few minutes.

   Some students said that the campus is probably as safe as we can hope, considering the fact that we are in Hempstead. Indeed, I think the fact that we are in such a rough neighborhood and yet on-campus incidents are rare, must mean that the campus is relatively safe.  Regarding the buildings, the residential halls are secure because students need ID cards to get in. The library is more of a publicspace, and people could walk in any time it is open. However, I still believe that the library is safe. Since it is open to the public, there are more people that can witness any suspicious activity.  One worker at the library told me that when they renovated the library ten years ago, they were thinking of having two entrances: one where students can swipe their cards, and one where visitors can check-in at a security desk. But the worker said it would have made everything more complicated. Even after this incident, he thinks the library should remain open to the public. "This is one of the biggest libraries on the island. We have an art gallery, and we have books that high school students and teachers can take out. So, it should remain accessible to the community." I believe the incident was handled very well. The student called Public Safety, and they arrived within minutes. Incidents like that will occasionally occur, and Public Safety is very helpful and responsive.  

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