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Public Safety Briefs

By The Chronicle

A student returning to her parked car on North Campus on April 26 discovered the rear windshield smashed. The NCPD was notified and prepared a report.

A student reported that he found pennies glued in the key ports of both side doors of his car parked opposite of the University Continuing Education lot on April 26.

Plant department personnel working in Hagedorn at midnight on April 27 found a male sleeping in the lobby of the building. The male was identified as a non-student and banned from campus.

A student reported that she found her right rear tire of her vehicle parked in Colonial Square West slashed on April 28.

A Public Safety Officer assigned to the Relay for Life event on April 29 denied entry to three intoxicated males who attempted to enter. When told they could not enter, one of the males grabbed and shoved the officer, both falling to the ground. The male fled the scene with the two others. The Public Safety Officer radioed for assistance and Public Safety apprehended all three. Public Safety identified one male as a student, who received an appearance summons, and the other two as non-students, who are now banned from campus. The officer suffered injuries on his back, head and shoulder.

A student found his bike missing from Weller Hall the bike missing when he returned to it on April 27. Police assistance was declined.

During a fire alarm in Constitution Hall on April 26, a Public Safety Officer found two students who failed to evacuate. The students were issued an appearance summons.

A student reported that she secured her bike to a rack in front of Stuyvesant Hall, but discovered the bike missing and her lock cut when she returned. Police assistance was declined.

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