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Public Safety Briefs

By Rachel Lutz

A student reported on Feb. 6 to Public Safety that he left his cell phone and room key in an unsecured locker at the Fitness Center. When he returned, the items were missing. Police assistance was declined.

A PSO observed a car drive through the booth without identifying himself on Feb. 9. He driver was later identified as a student and was issued an NTA for failure to comply.

NCPD received report of a missing young girl on Feb. 10. She was found signed into her friend's room in Constitution Hall. PSOs responded and she was taken into custody. No further action was taken.

A PSO responded on Feb. 10 to Hague House where roommates were having a dispute about ongoing unsanitary living conditions. Residential Programs was notified and settled the dispute.

A PSO received report of two males smoking marijuana in the bus shelter near Constitution Hall on Feb. 10. They fled, but one male was apprehended was identified as a student and issued a summons for marijuana and failure to comply.

Public Safety received report of a fight in Dutch Treats on Feb. 11. A PSO responded to the scene and apprehended one male student and one male non-student. The student was issued a summons for his actions and the non-student was taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

A female student in Constitution Hall reported to Public Safety that her ex-boyfriend would not leave when she refused to open the door on Feb. 11. He was issued a summons for harassment.

While on rounds on Feb. 11, the RA on duty in Bill of Rights reported the odor of marijuana to Public Safety. PSOs responded to the room where marijuana residue was found. The three students in the room received summonses.

Public Safety received a report of the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Enterprise on Feb. 13. PSOs entered the room and found drug paraphernalia and marijuana residue. An NTA was issued and the items were confiscated.

A female student reported that she has been receiving several phone calls from a male she does not know on Feb. 13. Police assistant was declined but she requested all calls from the number be blocked.

A student reported that on February 2, he left his iPad and charger on a desk in the library unattended from 6:30-8 p.m. When he returned, the iPad was stolen but the charger was left behind. Police assistance was declined.

A PSO observed a car go through a stop sign but stop on Holland Road on Feb. 14. The driver was approached and identified as a male Hofstra student. He was issued an NTA for reckless driving and failure to comply.


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