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Public Safety Briefs

Public Safety apprehended four males on April 15 for fighting on Hempstead Turnpike. Two Hofstra students were issued appearance summons for disorderly conduct and the other two non-students were banned from campus.

Public Safety responded to an activated call box on April 16 in Constitution Hall. Two male students were apprehended for activating the alarm for no reason.

A student reported being struck with a paintball on April 16 while sitting in his room with his back towards the window. The student responsible has not been found, but an investigation has been conducted.


A student reported on April 16 that she found a scratch on the front bumper of her car. The vehicle was parked in the Law School parking lot.

A student reported that her car had been vandalized in the CV Starr parking lot. The convertible top in her silver 2006 BMW had been slashed by a sharp instrument. Police assistance was declined, but an investigation is being conducted.

A student reported that his laptop had been stolen sometime between April 16 and April 17 in Weed Hall. The laptop had been secured when he left it in his room, but was missing when he returned. The search conducted negative, but is still being investigated. A report has also been filed with the NCPD.

Public Safety received a report on the night of April 17 that four males were climbing down the fire escape from the roof of Hofstra Hall. Three males were apprehended for trespassing, but the fourth got away. No damage was done to the Hofstra property.


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