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Public Safety Briefs

By Complied by Chronicle Staff

A PSO on patrol March 14th smelled marijuana in an Estabrook dorm. They entered the room and found residents smoking, a small quantity of marijuana on a desk, alcoholic beverages and loud music. The students were issued an appearance summons.

A student called Public Safety on March 15 and reported she and two friends were being followed by an unidentified male on their walk from Bill of Rights to the Netherlands. Public Safety apprehended the man who was a non-student and banned him from campus for trespassing.

While on patrol on March 16, a PSO heard loud music coming from a room in Estabrook. A resident opened the door and had alcohol in plain view, which was confiscated. The student received an appearance summons for underaged drinking and failure to comply.

While conducting rounds in Bill of Rights on March 16, an RA reported the smell of marijuana coming from a room. Public Safety entered the room and found two residents with non-students. No marijuana was found, but the students were issued an appearance summons. The four non-students were banned from campus.

A non-student drove onto campus through the main entrance on Hempstead Turnpike without stopping on March 16.  The non-student was banned from the campus.

An RA called Public Safety on March 17 after observing 3 students smoking marijuana in front of Orange House. The students were issued an appearance summons, but no marijuana was recovered.

While on patrol, a PSO found a broken window in the men's restroom on the first floor of the Netherlands Core on March 17. Public Safety has not found who is responsible for the broken window.

A Lackmann Culinary Services staff manager reported on March 19 that seven boxes of soda syrup had been stolen from Bits & Bytes sometime between March 16 and 19. Police assistance was declined.

A student reported on March 19 that she was accosted by her ex-boyfriend on March 11 in the Graduate Residence parking lot. The student said he grabbed her, shoved her into his vehicle and verbally threatened to assault her. The ex-boyfriend then drove her around before shoving her into the ground and taking her pocketbook. NCPD responded and arrested the non-student on March 20.

While on patrol, a PSO found that the card reader of the Far Unispan by Uniondale Ave. had been vandalized. HofstraCard Services was notified.

Overheard at Hofstra

Overheard at Hofstra