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Public Safety Briefs

A student stated that between April 16 and April 20, $200 was stolen from her car. The vehicle was parked in the Nassau Hall parking lot and the passenger side was left open. Police assistance was declined.

A manager of Dutch Treats reported on April 19 that she left her pocket book unattended in the kitchen and returned to find $200 missing. Police
assistance was declined, but an investigation was conducted.  

Public Safety received a report on April 21 of an altercation at the Norwich House. Two male students received an appearance summons for fighting.

A promoter of the Baseball Card Show in the Physical Education Complex reported being harassed by a male on April 21. The non-student was apprehended and banned from campus.

A student reported that on April 20 two laptops were stolen from their vehicle. The computers could have been taken when the car was parked in the Nassau Hall lot or Roosevelt Field Mall. The NCPD responded and composed a complaint report.

A student from Enterprise Hall reported on April 22 that a male student was banging on his door and yelling. The student was screaming that he threw away some of his plates. Public Safety responded and issued a summons appearance.

Public Safety responded to the men's bathroom of the Axinn Library on April 22 to discover unknown person had defecated in the sinks. Services cleaned up and a search was conducted.

A student reported leaving his bag on April 22 in the news hub lounge in Dempster Hall. The bag contained his Macbook and a tablet. Police assistance was declined, but the situation is being investigated.

A fitness center staff member reported on April 22 that an unidentified male was attempting to enter the location with someone else's card. The card was a former student and was confiscated. The man was banned from campus.

A student reported a male in the basement of the Axinn Library on April 23 engaging in lewd behavior. When she spotted the male, he left the location. Public Safety apprehended the male in the parking lot on Huntington Place without incident. Police were notified and responded. No arrests have been made at this time and the male was banned from campus.

A student reported to the NCPD being robbed at 12:30 a.m. on April 24 in the driveway of his home on Warren Street. He was approached with a male who had a baseball bat and told to give up his wallet and cell phone. The NCPD were called and the phone and wallet were released back to him.

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