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Public Safety Briefs 12-6-12

Compiled by Samantha Neudorf When a student returned to his vehicle parked on the south side of the CV Starr parking lot on Nov. 29, he found a dent on the rear passenger side door. Police assistance was declined.

At the Huntington Pl. parking lot on Nov. 29, a Hofstra tow truck operator observed a fake handicap permit on a student’s vehicle. The student was issued a summons.

A student discovered that $40 was removed from the desk drawer in her Alliance Hall room by unknown persons. She filed a report with PS on Nov. 29.

The letter “C” was carved into a student’s 2008 Ford Fusion on Dec. 1. The vehicle was parked on Colonial Square Dr. and a report was filed with NCPD.

PS was notified by an RA that four individuals were smoking marijuana outside of Orange House on Dec. 2. Three of the individuals were non-students and the other was a student. The non-students were banned from campus and the student was issued a summons.

On Dec. 2, a Lackmann food manager reported that he observed a Hofstra student consume a beverage without paying for it. The student was issued a summons.

At 3:15 a.m on Dec. 3, PS received report that four male students entered Enterprise Hall. Only one of them left an ID with the RSR on duty and the others entered illegally. Shortly after, the same males were reported to be in Vanderpoel Hall. They were all were issued summonses for illegally trespassing and issuing flyers for a party at Hofstra USA.

A female student was verbally harassed and punched by another female student while she was sitting in Café on the Corner in the Student Center on Dec. 3. The other student was issued a summons for assault and harassment.

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