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Public Safety Briefs 12-13-12

Compiled by Samantha Neudorf A student reported to PS on Dec. 4 that her roommate verbally harassed her on a continuous basis. The roommate will be issued a summons.


In Hauser Hall, a student left his backpack unattended on Dec. 4. When he returned for it on Dec. 5, he found that is was missing. The backpack contained his laptop.


A student left her wallet unattended on a table in the Student Center on Dec. 5. When she returned, she discovered that it was missing.


On Dec. 6, a student left his wallet in an unsecured locker and discovered that it was missing when he returned. The wallet contained his Hofstra ID card.


In the Axinn Library on Dec. 6, a student left his ID next to a computer and returned to find it missing.


The passenger side mirror of a student’s vehicle was cracked when she returned to the vehicle in the Netherlands South parking lot on Dec. 6.


When a student returned to his vehicle in the Stuyvesant parking lot on Dec. 6, he discovered a scratch on the driver’s side of the vehicle.


A dent was found on the driver’s side front bumper of a student’s vehicle on Dec. 7. His vehicle was parked in the CV Starr parking lot.


PS will issue a summons to a male student who has been harassing a female student. The student knocked on the female’s door and made harassing comments on Dec. 7.


RAs in Delft House smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from a room on Dec. 7. PS found five students in the room. None of the substance was recovered and the students were issued summonses.


On Dec. 9, a male student broke into a vehicle on Liberty Blvd. PS found him inside the vehicle and escorted him to the HIC. NCPD was notified and interviewed the student. He said that he fell asleep in the vehicle. No arrest was made and the student was issued a summons for vandalism and damage to the vehicle.


At Hofstra USA, a student attempted to enter a party without a wristband on Dec. 9. When he was asked to leave, he refused and verbally abused PSOs. He was issued a summons for his actions.


A student lost her wallet in the Student Center on Dec. 10. The wallet contained her driver’s license, debit card and room keys. The Plant Dept. was notified for a lock change.


When a student returned to the laundry room in Constitution Hall on Dec. 10, he discovered that several items of clothing and his Chromebook were missing.

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