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Public Safety Briefs, 11-8-12

Compiled by Samantha NeudorfAssistant News Editor

An RA in Enterprise Hall notified PS on Oct. 29 that he smelled marijuana. PS responded, entered room, none recovered. Received summons

Headphones and a Macbook laptop were stolen from a student’s Constitution Hall dorm on Oct. 29. He left his room with the door propped open and discovered the belongings missing when he returned.

In Quincy House on Oct. 29, a student left door propped open while she was out. When she returned, she found that her laptop was stolen.

A student left her Bill of Rights dorm room propped open while she was away for 20 min. on Oct. 30. She left her laptop was under her bed covers. When she returned, she discovered that her laptop stolen.

On Oct. 30, a student’s laptop was stolen from his Rotterdam House dorm.

A bicycle was stolen from bike rack in front of Stuyvesant Hall on Oct. 30. Police assistance was declined

In Utrecht House on Oct. 30, a PS officer on patrol smelled the odor of marijuana in a room and entered to find six students. None of the drugs were recovered and all students were issued summonses.

A student fell asleep in her Alliance Hall dorm on Oct 30: with the door propped open. When she woke up, she discovered that her wallet containing $280, a $50 gift card and a Visa credit card were missing.

Two underage students were carrying a 12-pack of Bud Lite beer on Oct 31 in Colonial Square. A PS officer stopped them and confiscated the beer. The students were issued summonses.

On Oct 31, a student reported that his ex-girlfriend was knocking on his door in Enterprise and refused to leave. The girlfriend left before PS arrived. She will be issued a summons.

An RSR reported on Nov. 3 that a student previously banned from the residence halls entered Bill of Rights Hall. The student received a summons.

The Dutch Treats manager reported that an unidentified male attempted to use a student’s ID card to purchase groceries on Nov. 4. The manager confiscated the ID card, but the male fled before PS arrived.

Two male students were on the roof of Hofstra Hall on Nov. 4. PS received report that 2 individuals were on the roof of Hofstra Hall. They received summonses.

A student was issued a summons for taking a bottle of juice without paying from the Netherlands Core on Nov. 4.

On Nov. 5, a PS officer in Enterprise identified a non-student male consuming an alcoholic beverage on the 13th floor. He was brought to the HIC and banned from campus.

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