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Public Safety Briefs 10-4-12

Compiled by Samantha Neudorf A custodian found that a beer bottle damaged a window of Calkins Hall on September 25. While a Public Safety Officer was on patrol on September 26, he found a student on the rugby field with possession of two glass pipes containing marijuana residue and a silver grinder. The items were confiscated and the student was issued summons. A student’s vehicle was vandalized on September 27 behind Constitution Hall. She found a hole near the rim of the tire when she returned to her car. There were two instances of marijuana abuse on September 27 in Bill of Rights Hall. Public Safety Officers responded to calls placed by RAs. In both cases, they did not recover the marijuana. Three students in total were issued summons. A student’s iPhone was stolen from her dorm in Bill of Rights on September 28. She left the phone unattended in her room with the door open for two minutes. A report has been filed with the Nassau County Police Department. Two students did not properly show identification while entering a Colonial Square residence hall on September 28. They were both issued summons. Public Saftey responded to the smell of marijuana on September 28 in an Estabrook Hall dorm. Two students and two non-students were present in the room, but marijuana was not recovered. The students were issued summons and the non-students were banned from campus. A Public Safety Officer observed an individual attempting to jump over a fence on September 29 behind Constitution Hall. The individual was identified as a Hofstra student and issued a summons. An RA reported to Public Safety that she observed two individuals smoking marijuana on September 29 outside of Enterprise Hall. Public Safety apprehended a student and a non-student and confiscated a glass pipe with marijuana residue. The student was issued a summons and the non-student was banned from campus. During Fall Festival on September 29, a Public Safety Officer apprehended a non-student attempting to enter the festival illegally near intramural field. The individual was taken to the HIC and banned from campus. A Plant Department supervisor observed a truck carrying two tables belonging to the University on September 30. Public Safety stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as a Hofstra student. The student was issued a summons and the tables were recovered and returned. When a student returned to his car parked in the CV Starr parking lot on October 1, he discovered that the GPS had been removed from his vehicle. During a fire alarm on October 1, Public Safety noticed the odor of marijuana coming from a room in Quincy House in Colonial Square. The Public Safety Officers entered the room and found a bong containing marijuana residue. The bong was confiscated and two residents received summons. A student’s bike was stolen on October 1 from the bike rack outside of Axinn Library. The bike cost around $250 to $300. Public Safety responded to a call on October 1 that people were on the roof of CV Starr Hall. Five students were caught and issued summons.

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