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Public Safety Briefs 10-25-12

Compiled by Samantha Neudorf PS responded to loud music in Delft House and the smell of marijuana on Oct. 15. Four students were found in room. None of the marijuana was recovered and all students received summonses.

At 1:00 a.m. on Oct. 16, a student drove around in a pickup truck making loud noises. The student received a summons.

A non-student was apprehended outside of the Physical Education building on Oct. 17 for distributing flyers. The non-student was escorted to the HIC and banned from campus.

Near the hockey stadium on Oct. 17, PS caught eight students smoking marijuana and confiscated a bong. All students received summonses.

A student reported on Oct. 17 that she discovered damage to her vehicle’s bumper. Her vehicle was parked outside of CV Starr Hall. Police was assistance declined.

The laptop belonging to a Hofstra administrator was reported missing on Oct. 17 from his office in Hagedorn Hall. Police assistance was declined.

Roommates were in a dispute over living conditions on Oct. 17 in Hampton House. They were referred to mediation with the RA.

On Oct. 17, a student discovered that her bike was missing from the bike rack outside of the SC. Police assistance declined.

During a Health and Safety inspection on Oct. 18,  a knife was found in a New York House dorm. The knife was confiscated and the student was issued a summons

Drug paraphernalia was found in Salem House dorm during a Health and Safety inspection on Oct. 18. The resident was issued summons.

A student’s bike was reported missing from the bike rack outside of Memorial Hall on Oct. 18.

An RA reported that he smelled marijuana inside a room in Hague Hall on Oct. 19. PS found three students inside and a small quantity of marijuana on a desk. The students received summonses.

In Vanderpoel on Oct. 19, a knife was found in open view during a Health and Safety inspection. The knife was confiscated and the resident was issued a summons.

Three students were caught smoking marijuana in front of Salem House on Oct. 20. PS issued the students summonses.

Four students were issued summonses for smoking marijuana on intramural field on Oct. 20. A pipe and a small bag were recovered.

A non-student parked his vehicle near the baseball field on Oct. 21 to attend a card show in the PE Building. When he returned, he found the front windshield smashed from a baseball during a baseball game.

After a student lost her card on Oct. 22, it was found that someone had used the card 20 minutes earlier at Subway.

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