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Public Safety Briefs 9-20-12

Compiled by Samantha Neudorf Public Safety Center

Hofstra lacrosse players accidentally hit a student’s car on September 12 with a lacrosse ball. The car was parked in the lot between the lacrosse field and the Uniondale firehouse. The lacrosse students apologized.

A student reported clothes missing on September 12 from a dryer of Plymouth House in Colonial Square. Liquid was poured from the 7th floor of Enterprise Hall on September 18 that interfered with a student. Public Safety found a student on the 7th floor and issued them a summons. The student meant no harm to the person outside.

A group of students and a non-student attempted to enter Graduate Hall on September 14 during a fire alarm. The non-student was banned from campus.

Four males in a vehicle refused to stop on September 15 on Hofstra Blvd. near Estabrook Hall. They were stopped by Public Safety and banned from campus.

Two roommates exchanged harassing words on September 15 while in a dispute. Both students were issued summons and one was temporarily moved elsewhere. Both refused counseling and will be relocated.

The smell of marijuana was reported on September 17 in Nassau Hall. Public Safety found four people in the room. All of them received summons.

Public Safety was called on September 17 to control a male student who was arguing with his non-student girlfriend and becoming violent. The male was issued a summons and both of them spoke with a crisis counselor.

Two non-students tried to crash a party on September 17 at Hofstra USA after they were already denied access. They were banned from campus.

A student’s bike was stolen from the bike racks on September 17 outside of Axinn Library. The student locked her bike and returned to find the lock pulled apart.

An RA of Orange House smelled marijuana on September 17 in the Netherlands Complex. Two residents received summons.

Four individuals were given summons on September 18 for smoking marijuana at the field hockey stadium.

A student reported on September 14 that she received a false check from a company that reached out to her from the Hofstra Career Center. Link Chase Corporation said that the student would receive a check from a customer. She was instructed to hold the check in her bank account for 24 hours, transfer a portion, and keep a portion. The check was a fraud and reported to the Nassau County 3rd Precinct.

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