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PS Briefs 11-15-12

Compiled by Samantha NeudorfAssistant News Editor

A student secured his bicycle to the bike rack in front of Breslin Hall on Nov. 6. When he returned, his lock was broken and the bicycle was missing. NCPD has prepared a case report.

On Nov. 7, a student stole another student’s iPhone. The iPhone was recovered. Police assistance was not required and the student was issued a summons for theft.

While on patrol, a PSO in Alliance smelled marijuana from a room Nov. 8. Upon entering, he found three students inside. A small residue from the top of a desk was confiscated. The students received summonses.

A PSO on patrol in the Netherlands observed two students smoking marijuana in front of Rotterdam House on Nov. 8. The students were issued summonses.

When a student returned to her vehicle on Nov. 9, she discovered scratch marks on the hood and passenger side front-corner panel. Her vehicle was parked in Parking Field 6 near the Human Resources building.

On Nov. 10, PS confronted four individuals who attempted to illegally enter Enterprise Hall at 3:30 a.m. After a brief physical altercation, four non-students were taken to the HIC, interviewed by a NCPO and banned from campus. One student involved was issued a summons for failure to comply.

The odor of marijuana was detected in an Estabrook Hall dorm on Nov. 10. PS entered the room and found two residents inside. None of the marijuana was recovered and the students were issued summonses.

During a party at Hofstra USA, a PSO noticed that a student illegally checked in two guests on Nov. 10. The student was issued a summons.

In the Suffolk Hall parking lot on Nov. 10, a student left his skateboard and returned to find it missing. Police assistance was declined.

A Lackmann employee in Dutch Treats reported harassment from a student to PS on Nov. 10. The student was issued a summons.

While on patrol in alumni parking lot, a PSO found a student and non-student in possession of a fire extinguisher on Nov. 11. They were taken to the HIC where the non-student was banned from campus and the student was issued a summons.

Two suitemates reported that their other suitemate had entered their room without permission on Nov. 11. This is an ongoing issue and PS is conducting an investigation.

A student left the door to his dorm propped open for six hours on Nov. 11. He discovered that his coat valued at $179 was missing.

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