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Professor spotlight: Dr. Ghorayeb

By: Danielle Denenberg Special to the Chronicle


Ghorayeb majored in both Electrical and Biomedical Engineering. He has taught a variety of engineering courses at Hofstra. This semester, he teaches circuits, network analysis, and electric machinery. He has his own Bioelectrical Research Lab in Weed Hall. In addition to being a professor, Ghorayeb is an associate investigator at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research (FIMR) at North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System in Manhasset, NY. He conducts joint research between his lab here and at FIMR. This includes research within his specialty, which is in both diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound. At the hospital, Ghorayeb mentors joint student research. Senior engineering students participate in what is called Senior Design, where students “apply knowledge to real-world projects.” Sometimes, for this one-year project, students work with Ghorayeb at the hospital. “It depends on the project,” said Ghorayeb. Students may complete an internal project when they work here or an external project when they work at the hospital or at a company affiliated with the type of engineering they are studying. Being a professor enables Ghorayeb to apply his engineering knowledge in many different areas. In addition, his association with the hospital must be quite valuable to his students.For example, Ghorayeb has been teaching since he was a graduate student at Iowa State University. In his words, he got “special treatment”: he was given the opportunity to lecture senior-level and first-year graduate courses. In fact, while a graduate student, he was presented with the Teaching Excellence Award, an honor usually given to professors.

Arik Adhami, a junior, feels fortunate to be in Ghorayeb’s class. “He knows a lot, explains everything very thoroughly.” Furthermore, he explains difficult theories in an “easy to understand format.”

Ghorayeb believes that the new School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, which combines the engineering and computer science departments, is “extremely beneficial to the University as a whole and to the students in particular – it provides more visibility for the university and each of the educational programs involved.” Ghorayeb has already been receiving emails from international students, including students from the Far and Middle East who are interested in the new school.

Who knows? Ghorayeb may have a new group of international students to teach in the future.

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