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Presidential Debate Sparks Political Conversations

By Lexi Jezina, Special to the Chronicle

    As all of us know, or should know, Hofstra will be hosting the 2012 presidential debate this fall. Not only is it a national event that puts the University into the spotlight, but it is a catalyst that sparks up political interest around the campus in our Hofstra bubble. With Hofstra political clubs like the College Republicans and the upcoming College Democrats, the University is preparing for intense campaigning during this election.

    Coming to Hofstra, as a freshman I didn't know how involved in politics I would be in college. I know my political stance but I did not fequently bring up my political beliefs and try to shove them down anyone's throat. I'm still not one to force my opinion; I prefer intellectual persuasion, but I definitely discuss politics on a daily basis now.

The friends that I have made this year have greatly influenced my interest in politics. Saying that they are opinionated is an understatement. Some may say that politics is a sore topic, but we continue to salt the wound. In the gym, at Dutch Treats, at parties and even in the library, in low passionate voices we argue for our beliefs. Believe me, I have a social life, but somehow it all ends up in politics.

    Not all my friends share my beliefs; many of my closer friends actually have completely opposing views. One of my best friends scoffs at me when I say I am a democrat. She has an anti-Obama bumper sticker on her car and though she tries to compel me to be more conservative, she has me running to the left.  Yet, I tolerate her beliefs and we get along. Surprisingly, I am good friends with many College Republicans and I manage to set aside our political views as long as we're not debating.

    Even though it can get tedious to have your college life revolve around politics, it is a wake up call to the fact that we live in a political world. My friends, who share my beliefs and also those who do not, have all pushed me to become more aware of what is going on in our government. Freely discussing our opinions has opened my mind to different perspectives and has made me consider my choices and solidify my beliefs.

Even though I am a democrat, I believe that we all have the right to demonstrate our opinions; I hope the upcoming presidential debate will encourage everyone on campus to become more involved or more aware of what is happening in politics. Recently, College Democrats has started up as an organization and plans to offer to campus the liberal involvement that died out a couple years ago. With meetings on Wednesday nights in the Netherlands Core at 8 p.m. College Republicans continue to stay strong with meetings on Thursday night at 8:30 p.m. in Bernard. So, whatever your political beliefs are, get involved.


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