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Presidential and vice presidential candidates run un-opposed in SGA Elections: unification increases

By Pooja Kumbhar, Columnist

   Many have probably already seen the fliers around campus saying, 'Hyman Singh the Real Thing.' It's that time of the year again- SGA elections! As always, Student Government want to see all of Hofstra University participating in the elections, which will be available for students to vote through the portal beginning Wednesday April 25 to Thursday April 26. On Thursday, a ballot will also be held in the Student Center for students to cast votes.
   For weeks and weeks the campaign team have been working together in preparing and delivering their respective approaches to better student life. Circumstances for SGA elections have been slightly different this year compared to those of previous years. Unlike a conventional government election of multiple parties and multiple candidates running up against each other, we only have one candidate this year. There is a very good reason as to why there is only one candidate running thus far. The members of SGA are going through a phase of rebuilding themselves. Along with creating a more efficient campus life for the students at Hofstra University, they are also in progress to construct a more efficient way to reciprocate student voices.    
   Instead of dividing themselves up into segregated ideologies running against each other, SGA members have incorporate these ideas together to come up with something bigger. Collectively they have sought leadership from Tevon Hyman and Harjyot Singh as president and vice president.  It was a mutual consideration, which represents the unification of our Student Government.
   With only one ticket for the position of president and vice president on this year's ballot, it brings the question of what happens if they don't get enough votes into consideration. Will the undergraduate students go without the representation of a president for the entire year? The SGA Constitution mandates 350 votes minimum for president and vice president to come into office, and at least a 100 votes for senator. If Tevon Hyman and Harjyot Singh do not make the 350 votes, the parliamentarian Sarah Sicard, and the current vice president Alex Zelinksi would then have to discuss with the members of OSLA what the next best course of action would be for the SGA body as a whole.
   To Hyman and Singh it's not about the winning, but rather the ability to act as a medium and a voice between the everyday student and their rightful university. In spreading the word they have created fliers and posters, which will be seen around campus buildings. Hyman and Singh have personally sat down with students sitting in the library, and other places around campus by means introducing themselves, and getting to know one another. They want to connect and develop personal relationships, and hear the students out. Running for vice president, Harjyot Singh explains his efforts to get to know the students he will be representing. He says, "Instead of people getting to know our names, we want people to get to know our faces." In speaking to students individually, Hyman, Singh, and the rest of the campaign have constructed a referendum. They have taken the ideas and suggestions of students, and from what they've heard and witnessed for themselves to be voted upon along with president, vice president, and senator(s).
   Student Government Association not only acts as a liaison between Hofstra students and the university's faculty, administration, and board of trustees, but they also address student concerns for better living, and oversees and funds for over 100 clubs and organizations. It is our school after all and we have a say in it. The people we choose to represent us are in our hands.

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