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Personalize your room with these 10 helpful tips

By Stephanie Kostopouls Special to the Chronicle

Welcome back to school, Hofstra students! And for most of you, welcome home. Living on campus is welcoming and liberating. Having your own space is great… But do you know what to do with it? Here are some tips to save space, indulge your aesthetic pleasures, and feel more at home. 1. Save space by purchasing Command Hooks to hang up towels, jackets, clothes, etc. Prices start at $5.98 and end at $12.98, depending on the size of the hooks. They don’t damage the wall paint either. 2. Stackable storage crates are conducive to space-saving and leave your room looking neat and organized. You can find them basically in the Hofstra bookstore or at Target. 3. Bed risers (also available at the bookstore) allow for more under-the-bed space and lift you higher into a heavenly sleep. All the extra space is great for the stackable storage crates and much more. 4. Decorate your dorm by purchasing $15 Tin Signs from the Student Center. They’re both decorative and durable. You could have them for years to come. 5. Add some life to your room by purchasing posters (also in the Student Center) starting at just $5. Larger posters are $10, and 3 smaller ones purchased together are only $20. 6. Add some color by purchasing “Wall Pops,” decorative wall decals, from our bookstore, starting at $12.98 and ending at $16.98. They peel right off, so don’t worry about damaging the wall paint! 7. For better planning, time management skills, and decoration, consider purchasing dry erase or cork boards…or even a combination of the two. All are under $13 at our Bookstore. You can leave reminders, notes for friends, and hang up pictures or important papers. 8. If you live in a suite and you’re slightly germophobic like me, I have a great idea for you. Instead of dealing with the shower curtain provided, unhook it and buy your own. Also buy new rings and a tension rod to adjust the height of the curtain. It gives your bathroom a more homey look and feel (trust me). This all came out to less than $20 at Target (which Hofstra provides transportation to). 9. You can find extra comfort for your bed or lounge with “Bedrest Shaq” pillows. They’re not only comfortable, they’re colorful. And now they’re only $19.99 at the Bookstore. 10. The best method for a decorative dorm is very simple… Leave your door open (when you’re still there of course). It shows your floor mates they’re welcome to socialize and interact with you. Nothing decorates your dorm better than good friends. So no matter what kind of room you have and no matter how many people you share it with you can still personalize and maximize your space. Hopefully these tips inspire you to make your room the perfect reflection of your personality.

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