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Overheard at Hofstra

By Compiled by the Chronicle Staff

In Class:

Guy: That text message used to the word "accosted.' I had to look that s--t up.

Outside Roosevelt:

Girl: So I was like, "Who's the lesbian now?"

Outside C.V. Starr:

Guy: Did you see the circumcision movie?

In the Student Center:

Girl 1: We're going to that hotel in the city.

Girl 2: You're staying there?

Girl 1: No, we're just going to their bar on the roof.

In the Student Center:

Girl: Damn Uggs! I swear I know how to do a round-house!

Outside of C.V. Starr:

Girl 1: Where is he?

Girl 2: At, like, baseball practice or something.

Girl 1: Ugh. I guess I'll have sex with him later.

In the Netherlands:

Guy: You need to have sex. Oh my god. It will improve your dancing so much.

Outside Grad Hall:

Guy: So wait, you walk slower on the first date?


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