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Overheard at Hofstra

By Complied by the Chronicle staff

In Class

Girl: Ew, do not get the "carrot cake" Cliff Bar, there are actually little bits of carrot in it. But it really does taste just like carrot cake.


In Dempster

Girl: Stereo balancing is easy. You just have to find the center of gravity.



Girl: Oh yeah, I saw your twit.


On Campus:

Girl 1: Is it possilbe to burn tea?

Girl 2: You want to be a housewife? Fail.


In Class

Professor: What's the cut-off date for founding fathers?


In the Student Center:

Guy: We're getting hammered. We made a pact.


In the Student Center:

Girl: But why would they put chips in the refrigerator?


On the Unispan:

Guy: For all the meat that you aren't eating during Lent, I'll eat double. Make you feel better?

Girl: Shut up and give me beef jerky.


In the Student Center:

Guy 1: We shared a bed. We shared a blanket.

Guy 2: Yeah, we share everything except condoms.


In the Parking Lot:

Guy 1: We're going to pass man a--es.

Guy 2: That would be Manassas, Virginia.


Outside of McEwen:

Guy 1: And then he gave me this look, like I was the first white person he's ever seen before.


In Bits & Bytes:

Girl 1: I'm sick of getting salads.

Girl 2: Yeah, but they're healthy.

Girl 1: But I'm sicker of being fat.


In Bits & Bytes:

Girl: Why would you move to Canada? What's in Canada?


In Breslin:

Guy:What's a brook?


In Breslin:

Guy: I'm still drunk, I had a presentation in my last class.


In Breslin:

Proffessor: I become an Eskimo. I'm not a Brooklyn boy anymore.


In Class:

Guy: Who's the mayor of New York City?

Professor: Mayor Bloomberg.

Guy: Wait, then who's that blind guy?

Professor: Governor Patterson, the former governor of New York.



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