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Overheard at Hofstra

By Compiled by The Chronicle Staff

In Breslin

Guy: Why does The Netherlands have representatives in the UN? They're just a bunch of drunk freshmen.


In The Chronicle Office

Guy: I don't have emotions. I just get hungry.


On the Unispan:

Girl: Wait! I have someone's phone who isn't mine.


In Enterprise:

Girl 1: You look like a guida.

Girl 2: Like a good guida though, right?


In Colonial Square:

Girl: Are 'know' and 'knew' two different words?


In Student Center:

Guy: I'm exhausted. I've been up since 10. That's the earliest I've been up in over a year.


In Breslin

Girl: Someone bit me.


In Class

Girl: She stuffed a flask in her bra.

Outside Dutch Treats

Girl: When I first took a sip, I thought it was vodka. And then I took another sip and I'm like, 'Oh my God, you guys, it's legit vodka!'"


In the Student Center:

Guy: Is that sherbert?

Girl: No, it's raspberry.

Public Safety Briefs

Are you INN or out? Campus supports annual WalkINN for hunger and homelessness awareness