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One ticket to victory: Two students run on a single campaign to address campus issues

By Claudia Balthazar


SGA set up voting booths in the Student Center for the first time this year in hopes of attracting more students to encourage them to vote. Outside of the Axinn Library, the only candidates for president and vice president, Tevon Hyman and Ron Singh stood with poster boards shouting for people to get out and vote. 
"Your vote does make a difference," Singh screamed as students walked by. 
The single ticket for SGA's highest positions is due to the group's smaller size compared to last year, when there were two tickets running. The rarity of this year's election is also attributed to the number of members graduating this year, and less people able to make the time commitment. 
"It would be hard [to run SGA] with a smaller SGA in the fall, so we're really looking forward to fall elections," said Hyman. But that does not stop him or Singh from running for their leadership positions. 
"SGA is going through a rebuilding stage right now but we're moving in the right direction," said Singh. "[But] people saw us as the type of people who could continue to move into that direction. And I feel we will deliver."
Hyman and Singh would need 350 votes to earn their position. If they do not receive enough votes, then the issue will be sent to SGA's Senate. But their positions are not the only things on the line.
"[Students should] not only vote for President and Vice President, but for Senators and answer the referendum questions," said Alex Zelinski, the current vice president of SGA
Zelinski pointed out the significance of the referendum questions, noting one that eventually became a reality this year. The topic of co-ed dorms appeared as a referendum question during Zelinski's first year. Since many students answered in support of it, SGA was able to bring the issue to the Office of Student Leadership and Activities and move forward with it. Norwich House now has co-ed suites available to upperclassmen students next semester.
Students can vote online through their portals until Thursday at 5 p.m. Visit for the latest on SGA election coverage.

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