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New campus business debuts with success

By Kerry McNeil, Special to The Chronicle

If you've ever had the thought, "I wish Dutch Treats delivered," then you may finally be in luck. Six Entrepreneurship majors officially launched their new business, Dorm Delivery, on Sunday night and are ready to hand-deliver late-night snacks and beverages to your door. Accepting cash, credit, and debit payments online or at your door, Dorm Delivery boasts competitive prices on snacks and drinks like Red Bulls, cookies, chips, and Starbucks frappuccinos without having to leave the comfort of your room.

What started as a pitch for the students' entrepreneurship class is now an up-and-running business backed by Capital One investors. The Dorm Delivery team impressed the investors as part of a Capital One Challenge – a yearly challenge in the business school that supplies funding for the most well liked business proposals.

"We didn't know we were officially launching ‘till about three or four days ago," said Dorm Delivery Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Jon El Kordi-Hubbard. "We've really, really been trying to guerilla market, I guess you could say, to try to get the word out there as soon as possible. So it's kind of short notice, but we're expecting a good turnout."

And the turnout of Dorm Delivery's first night in business was certainly promising.

"I think that this is a really good opportunity for lazy people on campus, like myself, to order really good food at a reasonable price," said satisfied customer Alexis Di Gregorio.

"I agree, I'm super pumped about this!" added customer Ellen Hornberger. And it seemed the feeling was shared throughout the night during El Kordi-Hubbard's deliveries. Whether people were "lazy," or simply too busy watching the Oscars to venture out into the cold for food, the system worked.

Other Dorm Delivery team members include Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Andrew Laine and Chief Information Officer Jacob Waxman – who were both manning the phones for the launch – as well as Chief Legal Officer Chad Goldsmith, Chief Financial Officer Chris Haig, and Chief Creative Officer Katrina Gist.

Normal operations begin Monday, March 4, whose hours will be 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page or call 516-808-2243.

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