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NBC Sports and CAA agreement excites athletic community

By Robert Binger

The Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) and the NBC Sports group have come to a five- year agreement that will give the CAA the most widespread coverage in the conference's history.

Starting in the 2012-13 season and continuing through the 2016-17 season, the CAA men's basketball will be broadcasted on a national level by the NBC Sports Network. Women's basketball air regionally on the Comcast Sports Net regional network and a variety of other CAA games will be available on

The CAA was the first of any collegiate athletic conference to sign a broadcasting agreement with the NBC Sports Network. With this agreement, students are confident that Hofstra's name will spread.

"I think that the extra publicity and the extra view in the spotlight will help Hofstra's name be heard around the country," John Newhard, a junior at the University said.  It would make more people watch it and want to go here,"

Hofstra women's basketball guard Onyesonam Nolisa believes the University's presence on television around the country will definitely help with recruitment.

"The more we're on TV, the more people see us and will want to come here," said Nolisa.

Annie Payton, Nolisa's teammate, had even bigger hopes.

"It's pretty exciting because the more television time you get, obviously the more people respect your conference," Nolisa said. "Nobody really respects the CAA so I think it would put us up there with the big time conferences."

The spotlight can often scare players or make them overly confident, but Payton assured that the team will play as well as always.

"We always play hard," Payton said.

While the NBC Sports Network is not currently available on television for residents, but it is hoped that it will soon be made available. Until then, students will have to go and support Hofstra athletic teams in person.

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