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Letter to the Editor: 'Hofstra Springs Into Action'

By Zoe Hoffmann, ASB Student Coordinator

   As the student coordinator for the Hofstra Alternative Spring Break trip this year, I found it disheartening to read the article about the Alternative Spring Break Stay-cation program. There are actually two different Alternative Spring Break programs that OSLA is sponsoring this year. You were correct that this is the first year for the Alternative Spring Break Stay-cation program and we appreciate your kind words about this program, which is an opportunity for students to participate in community service in the local community. However, the Alternative Spring Break program also offers another opportunity to go to El Paso, Texas to work with Habitat for Humanity.

   The first Hofstra Alternative Spring Break program was in 2006 when OSLA, the Interfaith Center and SGA co-sponsored a trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This year there are twelve students participating in the trip to El Paso and we are each responsible for raising approximately $1,000 through a variety of fundraising activities including restaurant nights, atrium tables and smaller events. The Alternative Spring Break program has been around for six years and Hofstra students have gone to places including Utah, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

   We will be fundraising for the next week and a half in the Student Center Atrium for Habitat for Humanity and appreciate all of your help in spreading the word about our Alternative Spring Break 2012 trip.   

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