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Leadership positions reconfigure following SGA resignations

By Jesse BadeStaff Writer

The Senate meeting this past Thursday might be the beginning of the “turn around” that Ron Singh, now president of SGA, was hoping for.

The meeting started with the recognition of a new club by SGA, Stand-up Speak-out, and turned into a series of inductions of new members of cabinet.

First, Ron Singh was sworn into office as president of SGA. Following this, Andrea Standrowicz, a senator for over a year, went from being Club Relations Chair to vice president of SGA. During her campaign speech she stated, “I understand what a big time commitment this is…I know how much time SGA takes and I am not afraid to put that time in and I know that I can handle it.”

Chelsea Gillyard and Melanie Perry, fellow senators, then rallied behind Standrowicz describing her as “dedicated and having good relations with clubs”.

“Vice president is a huge role and she does have the communications skills, the time management skills and a growing relationship administration,” said Gillyard. “She is well aware that this is not an easy job…but she is conscious and prepared to learn from Ron.”

After a secret ballot revealed Standrowicz as SGA’s new vice president, it was on to cabinet member elections.

Devin Brosnan, senator and Rules Chair pro-tempore, went uncontested in his running for Rules Committee Chair. He was elected to the position after stating,  “The problem is we don’t look good if we aren’t on top of stuff…we look bad to clubs. I think it is important for them to know that I am here and I am on top of stuff.”

The senate was then forced into deliberation of whether to fill the now vacant Club Relations Chair position immediately or wait for the meeting the following Thursday. After determining that it was more important to resolve all internal issues sooner rather than later so they may focus their efforts externally, an election was held and Cameron Freitag was elected to the position.

Freitag spoke of his close relation with the previous chair and his past experience in leadership roles. He also stated, in regards to the committees future under him, that he wanted to continue with planning a club congress.

Once elections concluded the meeting proceeded as usual with one exception. Mid-semester reports were due and each committee presented their accomplishments so far and their hopes for the rest of the year. Weekly reports for each committee were then passed, followed by announcements, and messages of encouragement from one senator to another.

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