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Keep calm and debate

With another presidential election this year that means another set of political debates.  There is not only going to be debates between presidential candidates but also debates between pundits, colleagues and classmates. Even though politics is a sensitive subject and there can be stark contrasts between friends lets just agree on one thing and that is lets all just try to be civl this year and not try to fight over simple political disagreements. No matter if you are supporting Barack Obama,  Mitt Romney,  Gary Johnson, Jill Stein or even Roseanne Barr there should be no reason why we should be at each others' throat just because there is a difference of opinion. As we near October 16th  keep it in mind that while we may have different political orientations it is important that we can civil when we talk about those differences and be respectful towards those that might have a different stance on issues. Even though there will be many hot-button topics in this upcoming election there shouldn't be an issue that makes you want to gouge out the eyes of anyone that disagrees with you.

Despite the possibilities that debating can lead to heated moments it is important that do have those conversations but we stay civil about it. As debating is one of the few ways to not only test the ideas of others but to also to defend your own theories. So this semester do not talk to people that share the same opinions as you but find those that have different values from you. This upcoming month is one of the few times that we will have experienced and respected political leaders from all across the political spectrum.  So when going to these events go in with an open mind and be willing to have your ideas and beliefs challenged. Because if you are not willing to even reconsider some your beliefs then you will not get everything out of these speeches and debates.

As this semester gets going there will be plenty of opportunities to discuss political opinions. Keep an open mind and be willing to look at how others see the world and be prepared to have your world challenge. One of the best things about coming to college is being around a diverse group of individuals with different worldviews and backgrounds. So be willing to have a conversation or debate with someone that is form a different world than you. But keep in mind to be respectful and no matter how much you disagree with them they are not a member of the "Communist" or "Nazi" party.

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