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Juice Event's new menu blends in tasty changes

By Emily Windram, Special to The Chronicle

College students are forever looking for ways to energize themselves during the course of their fast-paced days filled with tough classes, clubs and activities. Generally, they take solace in giant cups of Starbucks coffee, or endless high-calorie energy drinks. However, there is a far healthier (and tastier!) alternative to this, and it's conveniently located right in the Student Center.

Juice Event, the beloved yet still relatively unknown smoothie station that faces the main dining room, offers mouth-watering drinks naturally jam-packed with benefits. Prepared from bowls of fruit, which are immediately visible to customers, these drinks pack a yummy punch while providing the average Ramen noodle-fueled college student with the nutrients he or she needs. The recent improvements to drinks have made it one of the most deliciously underrated grab-and-go places on campus.

Classic fresh-squeezed smoothies include "The Boost," a concoction of orange juice, apple juice and bananas. A more tropical treat, the "California Summer Medley," manages to cram cranberry juice, apple juice, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries all into one tasty drink. If a student is in the mood for something simple, they can order plain fruit or wheatgrass juice. Picky people, have no fear—you can make up your own unique smoothie if the menu doesn't suit you.

Unfortunately, Juice Event recently removed its hand-rolled pretzels from its menu due to lack of demand, but this was also motivated by the creation of new and improved drinks. The latest buzz surrounds new Red Bull Smoothies. These drinks contain the popular energy drink Red Bull mixed with yogurt, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Freshman Karina Gerry explains, "I don't drink coffee at all, so having a fresh smoothie in the morning is a great alternative."

Juice Event also offers other options for people who are less concerned with nutrition and more inclined towards sweets (who, admittedly, make up a large percentage of the student body). There is an ice cream bar (with various flavors and plenty of sugary toppings) and a frozen yogurt machine. If you really want to cure that sweet tooth, the station also contains delicious, freshly-brewed milkshakes, which range from old-fashioned vanilla to Oreo-flavored!

It's always tempting to stick with the usual and head toward a coffee shop to hit the spot. But Juice Event offers deliciously diverse drinks and deserves a visit from people who want to make it through the day with a good taste in their mouths.

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